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Exhibition takes you on a journey through the history of Finnish ice hockey – from the tentative beginnings of the 1930s to today’s successes, showcasing the top moments of our national team. Alongside the national ice hockey team Finland, Leijonat, stars from domestic rinks and professional leagues shine through their memorabilia.

Permanent Exhibition

Most of the exhibits and photographs come from the Hockey Hall of Fame Finland’s own collections. The oldest attractions include straight-bladed wooden sticks and weather-beaten sweaters. In the permanent exhibition, you can follow the evolution of game equipment, the rise of the Lions to the top of the hockey world, and the professionalization of ice hockey both here and abroad.

In our simulators, you can shoot and save. Test your skills!


Temporary Exhibitions

Let’s Play in Finland! was set up as an exhibition for the 2022 World Championship home tournament. The exhibition provides a glimpse into the women’s, men’s, and youth tournaments hosted by Finland at the World and European Championship levels.

A showcase dedicated to current topics and new additions features last season’s hot topic, the Jokerit.

Awards Area

In the museum’s prestigious awards area, you will find the World Championship trophies won by the national ice hockey team as well as many awards still presented in the Liiga. The crown jewel is the authentic Canada Bowl. While the trophies often have engagement obligations, you might be lucky enough to see them all at once.

Hall of Fame

On the wall of the awards area is the Hall of Fame, featuring plaques of individuals inducted as Jääkiekkoleijona and those awarded for their lifetime achievements in hockey. New inductees as Jääkiekkoleijona and Yrjö Salminen Lifetime Achievement Award recipients are selected annually.

Inductees 2023:
#269 Mikko Eloranta
#270 Tuukka Mäntylä
#271 Janne Pesonen
#272 Jukka Rautakorpi
#273 Timo Favorin
#274 Heikki Hietanen.

The Yrjö Salminen Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Seppo Hurme, Markku Innanen, and Simo Siira.